Could Coronavirus lead to more divorces? Many marriage and legal experts seem to think so due to the trends observed in other countries like China, which were the first to deal with the virus and quarantining. If you look closely at what’s going on across the country, there are a few reasons why there may be an increase in divorces due to Coronavirus.

Reasons for an Increase in Divorces Due to Coronavirus

More Time Spent Together in Self Quarantine

Stay-at-home orders and business closures are resulting in couples spending much more time together. For those who were already experiencing relationship problems, this added time together can further strain the relationship. Not only is there added stress of dealing with a pandemic but the availability of therapy and counseling for couples may also be limited during this time. Job loss or financial difficulties can further contribute to relationship issues. Naturally, couples may find themselves fighting more or having less patience with one another during self-quarantine.

Re-evaluation of Life After a Crisis

The fear of a pandemic leads you to re-evaluate your life and think about what’s most important. As we all realize how short life can be and look to make the most of our lives, staying in an unhappy or unhealthy marriage may no longer seem ideal. For this reason, people who may not previously have considered divorce may suddenly be thinking about it. This image sums up how many are feeling.

What Couples Should Do

Take a Pause

It’s a difficult time right now for even the healthiest of relationships. Try not to make any rash decisions, unless you’re in an abusive relationship, in which case you should do what is best for your personal safety. Otherwise, give some time for things to return to normal and for you to think through the decision carefully. If you still wish to get a divorce, at least you’ll know that it was well thought out and something you are sure of.

Get Professional Advice

It can be helpful to get counsel from a local divorce attorney as divorces are generally complicated. Your attorney can provide critical advice on how to protect your best interests before, during, and after divorce. Your attorney can also help submit the necessary paperwork and gather important information.

Summary and Things to Consider

Self-quarantine, job loss, personal loss, and fear may all lead to an increase in divorces due to Coronavirus. Courthouses are currently closed and only addressing emergency matters right now. So, you cannot file for a divorce yet even if you’d like to. You can use this time to think about the decision further. If you are sure about wanting a divorce, you can also start planning by contacting an attorney and/or filling out some of the necessary paperwork. If you’d like to discuss this with our team, we are continuing to work remotely and are available for a confidential phone or video call.