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Attorney John J. Martino offers a broad range of legal services in Eastern MA and Southern NH. As a highly dedicated and experienced professional, he handles cases under the following areas of practice:

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Selecting the right attorney is an extremely important decision. It can influence the outcome of your case and the long-term impact of that outcome. Hear what our previous clients have to say about our services by visiting our client testimonials page. Contact us to learn more about our services and for a free initial consultation on your particular case.

Massachusetts Law Blog

Worker’s Compensation Lawsuits and Settlements

All employers in Massachusetts are required to carry worker's compensation insurance. This provides valuable coverage for work-related injuries that may prevent an employee from continuing to perform his/her work-related duties. Before settling a … [Read More...]

Common Personal Injury Cases Against Homeowners

Homeowners are responsible for things that take place at a property, both indoors and outdoors. Understanding potential liabilities can help you avoid common personal injury cases against homeowners. Here are a few. Slip & Falls Slip and falls … [Read More...]

Mistakes to Avoid with Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury cases can be lengthy and complex. Your chances of obtaining compensation for injuries can rely heavily on things that you may not have foreseen, making any mistakes quite costly. To improve your chances of winning a case via either … [Read More...]

Common Chapter 93A Lawsuits Against Landlords

Chapter 93A is a consumer protection law against unfair or deceptive practices. It allows consumers to bring civil lawsuits against businesses (a category which includes landlords) for damages that may include actual losses, compensatory damages and … [Read More...]

Product Liability Cases Involving Personal Injury

Given the pandemic and self isolation, consumers are spending more time shopping for products online. It's not easy to tell which products are well tested and which ones are not. We all assume that products are safe and manufacturers, distributers, … [Read More...]

Gathering Evidence for Traffic Accidents

Driver accounts from traffic accidents can often conflict with one another. Naturally, each party wants to avoid blame or they simply see the accident from the own perspective. Gathering evidence for traffic accidents from outside sources can help … [Read More...]

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases can be lengthy and complex. There are many things that must be done to prepare a case for trial. Unless you are an experienced trial attorney, this is not something that you should attempt on your own. Hiring an attorney is your … [Read More...]

Reasons to Create an Estate Plan

Estate plans are something that everyone would technically benefit from, but many simply put off or believe to be non-essential. There are a few circumstances that can accelerate the need for an estate plan. Here are several reasons to create an … [Read More...]

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