If you own a swimming pool, then you’ve probably been extremely busy during this recent heat wave. As you enjoy cooling off in the water and allow your friends and family to join you, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your pool guests. A spike in the number of recent drowning accidents in private pools is a reminder of just how dangerous pools can be. Here’s what you should as a pool owner.

Massachusetts Law on Pool Safety

In the state of Massachusetts, you are required to keep the pool area secure,.. meaning a fence around the perimeter. Although the law does not specify additional safety requirements for the use of the pool, you do have a responsibility as a homeowner to take reasonable safety precautions. Failure to do so can leave you liable for personal injuries or wrongful death resulting from that negligence.

Examples of Negligence

What would be considered as negligence? There are probably endless scenarios that may contribute to downing accidents in private pools, but here are a few possible ones:

  • Leaving Gate to Pool Area Open
  • Allowing Intoxicated Individuals to Swim
  • Installing or Allowing Slippery Surfaces Around a Pool
  • Failure to Provide Safety Equipment
  • Installing Dangerous Features (i.e. Diving Board in a Pool with Insufficient Depth)
  • Poor Maintenance of Pool Equipment (or Being Aware of Unsafe Equipment Condition)
  • Committing Dangerous Behavior (or Allowing Others to Practice Dangerous Behavior)

MA Wrongful Death Cases for Drowning Accidents in Private Pools

When drownings occur, serious injury or death is a real possibility. Depending on the circumstances, a wrongful death lawsuit may result. The injured party (or their family, more likely) has the burden of proving that negligence on the part of the pool owner contributed to the drowning. Damages can be quite significant given the severe nature of drowning incidents. It can include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future earnings, loss of companionship, and/or ongoing medical care. With such severe repercussions, MA pool owners should make pool safety a priority and do everything in their power to prevent potential drownings.

Assistance with MA Wrongful Death Cases

If you or a family member experienced a drowning accident in private pools or if you are a pool owner facing a MA wrongful death case, contact Martino Law Group for assistance. We will closely review the circumstances surrounding your case and provide you valuable legal advice and guidance. All wrongful death cases should be taken seriously and you should never proceed without legal counsel.