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Attorney John J. Martino offers a broad range of legal services in Eastern MA and Southern NH. As a highly dedicated and experienced professional, he handles cases under the following areas of practice:

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Selecting the right attorney is an extremely important decision. It can influence the outcome of your case and the long-term impact of that outcome. Hear what our previous clients have to say about our services by visiting our client testimonials page. Contact us to learn more about our services and for a free initial consultation on your particular case.

Massachusetts Law Blog

Pre-divorce Tips for Massachusetts Couples

Divorce is a serious step in a relationship. It comes with many complications that permanently change the lives of families. Before you pursue a divorce, consider these pre-divorce tips for Massachusetts couples. 1. Make Sure There's No Chance for … [Read More...]

Typical Home Seller Expenses in Massachusetts

If you're thinking about selling a home, you may be primarily concerned with exactly how much you will profit from that sale. After all, you're likely to need those funds to purchase your next home. Some expenses are fixed whereas others are … [Read More...]

Gifting as Part of an Estate Plan

Estate planning involves more than just distributing assets after death. If you are looking to reduce your estate value below the taxable limit, you may consider gifting as an option. Here's a look at estate taxes and how you can use gifting as part … [Read More...]

Components of Massachusetts Estate Plans

Estate planning is something that everyone should think about. Some perceive it as something needed only by the rich, but it's equally important for those who are not rich. Estate plans can help eliminate financial burdens on your family and instead … [Read More...]

My Spouse is Cheating,… What Do I Do

Unfortunately, many people find themselves in this predicament. They learn that their spouse is cheating, and they must make some decisions that may affect their future in ways they don't anticipate. If you're going through something like this, you … [Read More...]

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