When it comes to auto accidents in Massachusetts, determination of fault is extremely important. It can have both current and future impact. I is important to know that fault is not always clearly defined and sometimes both parties can be considered partially at fault. If you are in an accident and feel that you are not at fault, here are several reasons why you should argue your case.

Insurance Coverage & Deductibles

Whether you pay a deductible for a claim largely depends on whether you are at-fault. For accidents where you are at-fault, you will be responsible for the deductible. Any damage to your vehicle will only be covered in the amount that exceeds the deductible and only up to your policy limit.

If another insured party is at-fault, then you will likely receive full coverage for your damages without any out-of-pocket expenses. This is, of course, only if you can identify the at-fault party. If your vehicle is hit when parked, for instance, and you have no idea who caused the damage, your own insurance will cover your repairs but you must still pay a deductible. The same applies if damages are caused by an uninsured driver. Although minimal insurance coverage is required for all vehicles registered in the state of Massachusetts, you could encounter drivers from other states that have no coverage.

Personal Liability

You may be subject to civil lawsuits after an accident, especially if someone is severely injured or killed. Although you have auto insurance, there are limits to your coverage. Any damages awarded by a court above and beyond those limits would be your personal responsibility. This is a very important reason to prove that you are not at fault for a serious accident.

Points & Future Insurance Expenses

Another important consideration is the impact of an accident on your driving record. If you are considered partially or entirely at-fault, that will appear on your driving record. Insurance companies will then have surcharges based on the number and severity of those accidents., You will likely see an increase in your Massachusetts auto insurance premium at the next renewal period.

Suspension of License

Having too many accidents (for which you are at-fault) and/or moving violations within a certain number of years could result in license suspension. This is one of the most important reasons to ensure that you present your side of the story in an accident investigation. Visit the MA RMV website for additional details on license suspensions in Massachusetts.

Legal Assistance for Auto Accidents in Massachusetts

The above are several reasons why determining fault is so important in auto accidents in Massachusetts. As we mentioned earlier, most cases are not so clear-cut. The circumstances surrounding every accident are unique, and accounts of the same accident can vary as well. Investigative techniques may be required to protect your interests and to prove your case. Contact Martino law Group for legal assistance with your Massachusetts auto accident case.