If you are seeking compensation for personal injuries sustained in an accident, it may be difficult to come up with a figure that truly reflects the current and long-term impact of your injuries. In truth, no amount of compensation can restore your previous self. However, maximizing the damages awarded to you can at least provide the financial ability to improve your quality of life. The key is having the information needed to back up your claims. Below are ways to justify compensation in personal injury cases.

1 – Keep a Record of Injuries

Hearing about injuries is not as impactful as seeing them. Taking detailed photos of the accident scene and of your injuries can help people understand its true nature. Although x-rays and visual evidence of your injuries may be available, they don’t quite provide the same impression as actual photos. First-hand accounts from witnesses at the scene, first responders, and medical providers can also be helpful.

2 – Provide Thorough Documentation

Medical treatment not only shows the serious nature of your injuries, but it also demonstrates that you did everything in your power to obtain the care needed to reduce the impact of those injuries. This includes not only immediate care but also follow-up visits, rehabilitation, and psychological care (if applicable). Keep detailed records of your visits, including dates and times along with treatments endured. Consider keeping a journal of your experiences. Your attorney can assist with getting copies of medical records related to your treatment, to accompany your personal notes. Also, if you missed work as a result of the initial accident and subsequent medical care, document that as well.

3 – Provide A Life Care Plan

If your injuries are life-altering and require long-term care, a life care plan can be helpful. This involves an evaluation by an experienced medical professional on the estimated costs of your future care. By providing a formal assessment, it can justify your requested amount, including anything that you may have requested for pain and suffering.

4 – Beware of Impressions

We all know that information posted on social media does not always reflect reality. When it comes to personal injury cases, the impressions gained from social media can hurt your personal injury case, even if you have a valid explanation for them. For instance, imagine you’re normally part of a football team. You’re too injured to play, but your team insists that you suit up and take pictures with them for fun. In your photos, you even pretend to throw or catch the ball. As a joke, your friend posts the photo on Facebook with the caption that you’re not as injured as you claim. Although everyone at the event knows it was a joke, the other party in the case might not see it that way. This information could be used in court to refute your injuries. Don’t make a mistake like this. In fact, stay off of social media altogether!

More Ways to Justify Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

The above are just a few ways to justify compensation in personal injury cases. Based on the unique circumstances of your accident, there may be other types of information that can help. Work with an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney to receive the advice and guidance needed to win your case and receive just compensation for your injuries. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our personal injury team.