Rarely is guardianship a quick and easy decision. For most people, the thought of not being there is difficult enough, never mind deciding who should fill that role. If you’re wrestling with this, you’re not alone. The decision is not easy, but below are some tips on selecting guardians for children. These are factors you should consider when selecting the right person for the responsibility.

1 – Parenting Style

The first consideration is parenting style. Selecting someone with a similar style and approach to your own makes perfect sense. You’ll feel more comfortable that your children are getting a similar level of care, attention, and discipline. This can also make it easier on your children as well.

Evaluating parenting style is easy for people that have children of their own but not so easy when considering others. It’s helpful to have open and honest discussions with anyone you are considering. Even if someone does not share your views, determine how likely they are to honor your wishes and preferences.

2 – Emotional Needs

Losing parents can be traumatizing for anyone. A guardian must do more than care for your children physically. They must also provide emotional support. This experience will impact your children for the rest of their lives. Consider a guardian who is patient and has the time, energy, and compassion to support your children after the loss. Also, consider how open they are to seeking professional help.

3 – Physical Location

It’s debatable whether it’s better for children to remain in a familiar setting or to have a fresh start when coping with loss. On the one hand, community support and familiarity can be comforting. On the other hand, it can be an emotional and difficult reminder of what was lost. Think about where your guardian lives and how that might impact your children should something happen to you. Obviously, if your kids would be better off staying where they are, it’s not a good idea to select a guardian in another state or another country unless the guardian is willing to move for your children.

4 – Desire to Be Guardians

Last, but certainly not least, in our tips for selecting guardians for children is to think about whether the candidates would want to be guardians. It’s too important a job to give to someone who has no desire for it. Guardianship is not something that you should force upon someone. Someone who loves your children and wants to care for them will ensure that they are in loving hands.

More Tips on Selecting Guardians for Children

These tips on selecting guardians for children are designed to help you think about different aspects of the decision. There are certainly other factors that you might want to consider, such as lifestyle, financial responsibility, how well your kids get along with theirs, family connection, religion, politics, etc. There’s really no perfect formula. Ultimately, it comes down to your comfort level and preferences. Once you make a decision, remember to discuss it with those individuals and obtain their acceptance of the responsibility.