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Buying or selling a home in Massachusetts can be somewhat of a complicated process. Real estate agents can assist with most of that process, however, they cannot advise you on legal aspects of your real estate transaction. This is where Melrose MA real estate attorneys come in.

Real Estate Attorney Services

As you negotiate your purchase and sale agreement (P&S) and other terms of your transaction, you may need a Melrose MA real estate attorney to assist with the following:

Buyer Attorney Services

  • Explain legal terminology from the P&S Agreement.
  • Add terms to the agreement to better protect your interests and/or minimize your liability.
  • Negotiate with the other party’s attorney on contract terms.
  • Review documentation that relate to your title, mortgage, and/or taxes.
  • File legal documents related to your home sale or purchase.
  • Review closing documents on your behalf.
  • Review closing financials to ensure proper calculation.

Seller Attorney  Services

  • Review P&S terms and suggest edits/additions.
  • Minimize your liability.
  • Resolve any title issues that may prevent the sale from completing.
  • Negotiate with the other party on any last minute issues before closing.

Investment Property Owner Services

  • Lease Preparation
  • Condo Conversions

Hiring Real Estate Attorneys

The real estate attorneys at Martino Law Group have performed hundreds of closings over the years. They assist both buyers and sellers throughout Massachusetts with important legal aspects of home sales. Given that a home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime, it is not one that you should tackle without legal guidance. The risk and impact of a mistake can extend far beyond the actual closing date. For assistance with your real estate transaction, call us today.

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