COVID cases are spiking across Massachusetts, which understandably makes everyone a bit nervous about doing things like attending real estate closings. We understand these concerns and have taken steps to reduce risks while still providing the same level and quality of service to our clients. Here’s how we’re managing real estate closings with COVID restrictions.

Using Zoom

The reality is, it’s difficult to communicate with masks. It’s harder to speak clearly and to hear what others are saying. It’s important that you fully understand legal documents and have the opportunity to ask questions before signing them. To address this issue, we are using Zoom meetings before closing. Through screen share, we review all documents and answer questions. It’s done without masks and in the safety of home. At closing, borrowers will have already seen the documents and can quickly sign them.

The Signing Process

The industry hasn’t quite adopted digital signatures for closing, so wet signatures are still required. At the actual closing and signing appointment, we have a process that minimizes contact. Instead of coming into our office, you’ll remain in your vehicle. A member of our team will bring documents to your car. All documents will have been reviewed in advance, so it’s simply a matter of signing the highlighted sections of each page. We offer hand sanitizer before you receive documents and after you are done signing. It’s a quick and easy signing with minimal risks.

Questions About Real Estate Closings with COVID Restrictions

We continue to conduct real estate closings with COVID restrictions. With our zoom meeting and minimal contact signing process, you can safely sign a home purchase or home refinance documents. Although we sit at a table and interact with our clients, we feel good knowing that we’re putting safety first without compromising service. If you’re planning to purchase or refinance a home, please contact us for assistance.