Winter is quickly approaching and with that comes some challenging streets and sidewalks for pedestrians in Massachusetts. The likelihood of getting into an accident while walking is higher during the winter. To reduce your chances of being hit by a car while walking, we’ve prepared some pedestrian safety tips for winter.

1 – Stay on Sidewalks

Although there’s a law in Massachusetts requiring property owners to clear their sidewalks of snow after a storm, that doesn’t mean it’s always done promptly or well. Finding good sidewalks can be a challenge in some neighborhoods, making it seem much quicker to simply walk on the street. Although navigating sidewalks might slow you down, it’s still much safer than walking on the street.

2 – Be Predictable

Drivers have so many more distractions when driving in the winter. Plus, visibility is reduced by large snowbanks lining the streets. This means there may be less time for a driver to see what you are doing,… and to react to it. As a pedestrian, try to remain predictable. Don’t make any sudden moves, expecting that a driver will avoid you. They may not notice the change right away. Being predictable in your walking pace and pattern is an important safety precaution.

3 – Stay Alert

One of the most important pedestrian safety tips for winter is to stay alert. Sometimes the key to avoiding an accident is your ability to quickly react and move to safety. So, walk with attention and purpose. Avoid looking down at your phone or walking with headphones on. You may miss an important sight or sound that could save your life!

4 – Remain Visible

You often hear drivers say that they didn’t see a pedestrian, before hitting him/her with the car. This isn’t strictly an excuse. In many cases, it’s true, especially at night. Make sure you are easily visible to drivers. Wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight when walking at night or in a snow storm.

5 – Beware of Blind Spots

With large piles of snow everywhere, there are so many blindspots for both cars and pedestrians. Take extra caution in identifying and approaching blind spots. If possible, select a more visible place to cross a busy road,… preferably where there’s a designated crosswalk or stop light.

Summary of Pedestrian Safety Tips for Winter

Just as drivers must change the way they drive in winter, pedestrians must also change the way they walk. Walking on sidewalks, being predictable, remaining visible, and staying alert yourself is to your own safety. We hope these pedestrian safety tips for winter will help you stay safe. If you do get into an accident with a vehicle, take the necessary steps to protect your own interests. Here are a few references that may help.

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For assistance with your pedestrian accident case, contact our team to schedule a consultation. We understand the challenges that you may be facing and can help you through this difficult time.