If you were injured in an accident and are paralyzed as a result, seeking compensation from the parties at fault is critical to your future care and quality of life. The physical and psychological damage can be extremely challenging. Here is some information that might be helpful for paraplegic and quadriplegic cases in Massachusetts, specifically regarding personal injury compensation.

Types of Damages in Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Cases in Massachusetts

Damages for personal injury cases are not limited to medical expenses and the cost of ongoing care. Individuals who are paralyzed are typically unable to work, so there is lost of wages and quality fo life. Pain and suffering both initially and for the rest of one’s life is another important factor. The psychological impact of being paralyzed is equally important to the physical aspects of such injuries. Additionally, accommodating paralysis often requires renovations to one’s home plus special vehicles and equipment. All of these can be included as damages in paraplegic and quadriplegic cases in Massachusetts.

One thing that cannot be included in damages for paraplegic and quadriplegic cases in Massachusetts is punitive damages. This can certainly be upsetting, especially in cases where injuries were inflicted intentionally or maliciously. The only exception to this rule is when injuries were the result of medical malpractice.

Estimating the Cost of Ongoing Care

Estimating the cost for future medical care can be difficult in any personal injury case. One approach is to create a life care plan. These are prepared by experienced medical professionals with knowledge of paraplegic and quadriplegic care requirements. It also helps substantiate the damages you are seeking in a personal injury case.

Legal Assistance with Paralysis Cases in Massachusetts

Paraplegic and quadriplegic cases can be extremely complex. Hiring an attorney with experience with such cases is important. Although no amount of money can alleviate your pain and the impact it has had on your life, it is the best way to receive the care that you need now and into the future. Contact the legal team at Martino Law Group for paraplegic and quadriplegic cases in Massachusetts. We can provide critical guidance and support to help with your personal injury case.