Motorcycle accident cases in Massachusetts are among the most complex. Although they have similarities to other road accidents, the extent of injuries is often more severe when a motorcycle is involved. Additionally, the interactions between motorcycles and cars on the road can be different from that of two cars, creating circumstances that complicate determination of liability. Below, we take a closer look at common elements of motorcycle accident cases as it relates to liability and fault.

Motorist Behavior and Liability

Liability is always an important issue in motorcycle accidents. The person liable is essentially the one at-fault (or responsible) for the accident, so it’s understandably the most contested fact. To determine liability, we must look at the actions of both motorists immediately before the accident.

When two cars are involved, the circumstances are often much simpler. Cars occupy roughly the same amount of space and behave similarly to one another. With motorcycles, that’s not usually the case. Many times, cars are at-fault in motorcycle accidents because they fail to give motorcycles the same space and considerations of cars. Put simply, they drive too close! However, motorcycles are not without potential fault. Sometimes they split lanes or squeeze into spaces that they maybe should not.

Ultimately, it comes down to the behavior of both vehicles.

  • Were both following the law/rules?
  • Did both make an effort to avoid danger?
  • Did either act recklessly?

Sometimes, mistakes are made by both drivers, making both partially at-fault.

Severity of Injuries

Motorcycle accident cases in Massachusetts can involve severe injuries given the fact that one driver does not have the protection of a vehicle surrounding their body. The risk for permanent disability or death is much higher, making the stakes in the case much greater as well. Auto insurance offers limited coverage, so personal financial liability is certainly a possibility.

Legal Assistance With Motorcycle Accident Cases in Massachusetts

Given the high stakes and the importance of proving negligence in motorcycle accident cases in Massachusetts, it is critical that you hire an attorney. Rarely are the facts of a case black and white. In the gray area is where cases are won or lost. Whether you were the one injured or the one accused of being at-fault, legal assistance is key to proving your case in court and protecting your rights.

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