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Early Voting Options in Massachusetts

vote-2016It’s a big election year and it’s more important than ever for every eligible voter to cast a ballot this year. If you are unable to vote on election day, you may opt to vote early. Here are important early voting options in Massachusetts to be aware of.

Absentee Ballot in MA

You may vote early in Massachusetts via an absentee ballot if you qualify. Here are a few qualifying factors:

  1. You will be physically out of the area on election day (i.e. out of the country, serving in the military, etc.).
  2. You have a physical disability and are unable to visit your polling location.
  3. Your religious beliefs prevent you from visiting the polls on election day.

Contact your local election office to obtain an absentee ballot. You must place your ballot in the mail by a particular date in order for it to be counted, so pay close attention to the deadlines.

Early Voting Poll Dates

Due to some new early voting laws in Massachusetts, each community must have a polling location open for one day between October 24, 2016 and November 4, 2016. Contact your local election office to find out what date is scheduled for your city or town.

Early Voting Options in Massachusetts

These two early voting options in Massachusetts ensure that you will not miss voting in this year’s election. Whether you will be traveling or are otherwise unable to physically visit your designated polling location, be sure to use one of the options noted above.

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