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We are the Melrose, Massachusetts, Pedestrian Accident Lawyers available to help you file your injury claim.

All over Massachusetts and cities like Melrose, Wakefield and Stoneham the streets are getting busier and more congested. Drivers distracted by cellphones make these busy and congested streets more dangerous than ever.

When automobile drivers become distracted by using cell phones and texting they increase the risk of injuring innocent people. Laws regarding pedestrian accidents can be very complicated. The legal responsibilities of pedestrian and motor vehicle operators can be confusing. When innocent pedestrians are hurt you need to call the pedestrian accident lawyers at The Martino Law Group, LLC.

At The Martino Law Group, LLC. our personal injury lawyers understands the intricacies of Massachusetts Law as they pertain to pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents. When you need a Massachusetts pedestrian accident lawyer you can count on us to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will assist you by dealing with Insurance Companies, Hospitals and Medical Providers. We will get you the financial compensation you are entitled to, including payment for out of pocket medical expenses, pain & suffering, lost wages or a loss in earning capacity, scarring and permanent disability resulting from the pedestrian accident.

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