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Martino Law Group is committed to assisting victims of auto accidents in Massachusetts. We use our extensive experience as Melrose MA auto accident lawyers to achieve exceptional results for our clients. Our past experience includes cases involving automobiles, bicycles, tractor trailors, and pedestrians. We assist with standard filings with insurance companies related to your coverage as well as court cases to recover additional damages.

Insurance Coverage through Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection is part of most auto insurance policies. It provides coverage for medical expenses up to a certain dollar amount. It can be used for expenses not covered by your regular medical insurance such as lost wages, co-pays, and even funeral expenses.  PIP covers all occupants of your vehicle during an accident. Your own PIP insurance will even cover if you or a family member are injured while in another person’s vehicle or if you are injured by a driver who lacks insurance coverage of their own.

Filing claims to use your PIP coverage can actually be a bit complicated and time consuming. Our Melrose MA auto accident lawyers can assist with filing such claims. We understand how the process works and can provide valuable guidance and support while you work on recovering from your injuries. Here are a few helpful pieces of information regarding PIP:

  • You must work directly with the PIP insurer in order to receive benefits.
  • Your insurance company will provide you with the necessary forms to fill out.
  • Your PIP insurer may require that you be examined by one of their doctors.
  • You must provide documentation of the expenses which are included in your PIP claim. Keep good records to help facilitate this process.
  • PIP insurers may require that you make a formal statement under oath.

It is best to follow the procedures set in place by the PIP insurer to increase the chances of your claim being approved.

Assistance from Melrose MA Auto Accident Lawyers

PIP only covers actual expenses. In order to recover damages for pain and suffering, you will need the assistance of Melrose MA auto accident lawyers such as those at Martino Law Group. Hiring an attorney early in the process will be helpful. Doing so can prevent you from making a critical mistake in your dealings with the insurance companies and other parties. No retainer fees are required and our auto accident lawyers only receive compensation if they are successful in assisting with your case. Schedule a consultation with our Melrose MA team so that we can start working on protecting your rights and interests as it relates to your auto accident case.

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