MA Construction Site Accidents are more common then you imagine.  Construction sites are filled with dangerous equipment, moving parts and foreseeable dangers. Massachusetts General Contractors must follow basic job safety rules.  When general contractors do not follow commonsense safety rules the public at large is at risk for injury.

MA construction site accidents can range from minor to severe, or even life threatening. The Attorney’s at The Martino Law Group, specialize in personal injury cases including MA construction site accidents. The following is some helpful information.

Construction Site Dangers

Because of the nature of construction sites, the potential for injury is high. Common injuries which we regularly assert cases include:

  • Highway Construction Accidents
  • Power Tool Accidents (Nail Guns, Saws)
  • Heavy Machinery Injuries (such as Forklift Accidents)
  • Accidents Resulting From Safety Code or OSHA Violations
  • Slip and Fall and Trip and Falls
  • Explosions
  • Construction Site Falls (From Elevated Heights or Into Holes)
  • Injuries from Falling Debris
  • Chemical Exposure Burns and/or Poisoning
  • Exposure to Dust, Fumes, or Other Air Quality Hazards
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Building, Stage, or Trench Collapses
  • Burns from Welding or Other Equipment
  • Injuries from Poor lighting

What to Do If You Are Injured in MA Construction Site Accidents

Injured workers face not only large medical bills, much pain and suffering, and also lengthy time off work with lost wages. Given the potential severity and cost of MA construction site accidents, it is important to act quickly to preserve your rights.

First and foremost, get immediate and appropriate medical attention. Report the incident to officials so that it may be immediately investigated while the scene is still fresh and evidence is preserved. This may include local or federal authorities, general contractors, subcontractors, etc. Contact Attorney John Martino with The Martino Law Group to learn about your rights and what types of recourse are available to you.

Experienced MA Construction Site Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at The Martino Law Group understand the complexities of MA construction site accidents and work to get you proper compensation for victims of construction site accidents. Contact us today for a free preliminary consultation.