When we stay in a hotel in MA or anywhere else, we often give little thought to security. We expect and assume that we are safe and that we retain our privacy. Recent cases, such as that of Erin Andrews, reminds us that security is not always a given. If you frequently stay at a hotel or have had an issue with hotel security, this information may help.

The Issue of Public Safety

Although we are talking about hotel security, the legal matter is that of public safety. There are basic safety rules that we all must follow as members of society. When someone does not follow those rules, it could result in the injury of another and the offending party should be held responsible for the harm they caused. This applies to all business owners including restaurants, hotels, and even general property owners. Anyone operating a business has a responsibility to not endanger the public.

Potential Injuries at Hotels in MA

While a guest at a hotel in MA, there are many different types of injuries that you may sustain. There is physical injury, such as that from a fall, something collapsing on you, malfunctioning equipment, physical altercations, and so on. There are also emotional and psychological injuries, such as having your privacy violated. You may also be victim to a theft (of belongings or even your identity). No matter what the crime and injury, it will be important to evaluate how the crime occurred and what underlying situations (such as a failure in hotel security measures) may have contributed to that crime.

What You Should Do If Victim to a Hotel Security Crime

If you are a victim of a crime, it is important to get all of the facts. An experienced attorney can help you gather the necessary information and determine if a case can be made against the hotel or other parties. With any cases regarding personal injury, public safety is key. The actions of parties responsible for the crime or for maintaining hotel security will be closely reviewed in your case. Contact the Martino Law Group for a free consultation on your personal injury case related to hotel security issues.