It is extremely important to hire a personal injury attorney before negotiating settlements. If you’re thinking of proceeding without one in order to save money, there are a few things you should know.

1 – The Legal Process Can Be Complicated

There’s a reason why attorneys must study for so many years and pass difficult bar exams. The legal process is quite complex. Unless you have a license to practice law and understand the judicial process, you can easily make mistakes that are detrimental to your case. This includes missing important deadlines, filing the wrong paperwork, missing paperwork, failure to provide sufficient evidence, misinterpretation of documents or case law, etc. The outcome of a personal injury case can affect your future quality of life. It’s far too important to Do-It-Yourself. Other parties in the case will have attorneys representing their interests, so it’s important to hire an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney to protect yours.

2 – Knowledge Is Power

Insurance companies and other parties often try to settle cases early, before you’ve had a chance to seek legal counsel. Why do they do this? They hope to take advantage of your inexperience and/or lack of knowledge. You may not know whether a settlement offer is reasonable or not. You may be eager to accept compensation to fulfill a short-term financial need, even though it may have a negative impact on your long-term needs. You may experience one or two personal injuries in your lifetime, whereas attorneys deal with hundreds or thousands of cases. That knowledge is powerful and can be leveraged to achieve better outcomes.

3 – You May Receive Higher Compensation

Cost is usually the reason why some people don’t hire an attorney.  However, most personal injury attorneys receive compensation only if they successfully obtain a settlement or award on your behalf. Thus, there is no out-of-pocket cost. Additionally, experience enables them to negotiate bigger settlements on your behalf. Even with their fee, you are likely to receive more compensation for your injuries.

How to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Before Negotiating Settlements

Contact our team to schedule a preliminary consultation. We will review your case and provide helpful guidance on how to best proceed. The circumstances surrounding every case are different, so no one approach will work across the board. A personalized approach is key to the success of your case. Hire a personal injury attorney before negotiating settlements to avoid critical mistakes. With the right team working on your case, you can receive adequate compensation for your personal injuries.