The help of a local (Melrose MA) real estate attorney is beneficial or even critical at certain steps of the home buying process. Although real estate professionals can offer basic guidance on purchase and sales agreements, they are not permitted to practice law. There may be scenarios where you want an attorney to explain complicated legal terminology or develop custom language for a contract. The following is guidance on finding a Massachusetts real estate attorney to review contracts for your property purchase.

Different Types of Melrose MA Attorneys

There are a variety of Massachusetts attorneys, each knowledgeable in a different field. For a similar reason that you would not visit an ear doctor for a brain problem, you should not use an attorney that is experienced in a field other than real estate. Attorney John Martino of The Martino Law Group, LLC is a real estate attorney with a strong understanding local laws and typical real estate contract terms, and will as a result be best skilled to guide you. Because buying a home is a significant purchase, finding a Melrose real estate attorney to review contracts for your property purchase would best protect your interests.

Finding A Melrose MA Real Estate Attorney To Review Contracts For Your Property Purchase

Mortgage companies designate a real estate attorney (or title company) to manage your closing. It is common for the attorney to agree to review the contract for you, either for no fee or for a low fee. In a majority of cases, these attorneys can do a wonderful job assisting you. Know that although they can help you, they do represent the lender. If your property purchase is more difficult, then you may evaluate hiring a separate attorney. You may also have the option to suggest an attorney that you or your real estate broker is familiar with and ask your mortgage broker to use that person for the closing. In the alternative give John Martino of The Martino Law Group, LLC a call and we can help review contracts, negotiate your purchase and sale agreement and help assure that your purchase is as smooth as possible.