If you have a work-related injury while employed in Massachusetts, you may need to file a claim under worker’s compensation insurance. The following information provides some guidance on filing worker’s compensation claims in MA.

Identifying the Insurance Company

Employers in Massachusetts are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, although there are a few exceptions, in which case the Massachusetts worker’s compensation trust fund provides coverage. Your employer can provide the contact information for their worker’s compensation insurance company. If they do not have one, then you may contact the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.

Notifying Your Employer

You should always notify your employer immediately of any injury sustained in the “course and scope of your employment.”  If your injury resulted in you missing five or more days of work, your employer is required to report the incident to the Department of Industrial Accidents (within 4 days) and to their insurance company (within 7 days).

Filing Worker’s Compensation Claims in MA

When filing a worker’s compensation claim, use Employee Claim – Form 110. Instructions on this form are available on the Mass.gov website in several different languages. The following information is required:

  • Your contact information.
  • Your employer’s contact information.
  • Details of your injury and the circumstances surrounding it.
  • Details of the benefits you are claiming/requesting.
  • Your attorney’s contact information.

Claims must be  filed within 4 years or will most likely be denied. Filing the claim will initiate a judicial process which may include an informal meeting, conference, hearing, or review board.

Melrose MA Worker’s Compensation Attorney

The information above covers just a few out of many steps and aspects of worker’s compensation claims in MA. Claims can be denied, later appealed, or even settled. If you have a severe injury, the process can be even more complex. It is important to have representation from a Melrose MA worker’s compensation attorney to guide you through the process and to ensure that your rights are being protected. Contact Martino Law Group for a free preliminary consultation.