Electrocution accidents are actually more common than you may think. It can result in severe injuries and even result in death. Compensation for injuries may be available if a party was negligent and at fault for the accident. Here are a few things you should know about electrocution accidents and compensation for injuries.

Where Electrocution Accidents Occur

Electrocution can occur almost anywhere. It’s not limited to jobs involving electrical work. They can occur at construction sites, in public spaces, in offices and other businesses, and even in private homes. For instance, you may be at an office and get electrocuted when touching a particular surface. You could be walking on a sidewalk and get electrocuted while stepping on a drainage grate. While visiting someone’s private home, electrocution can occur while touching a light switch or an appliance. Dangers are all around us, but liability isn’t always a factor. It really depends on the circumstances.

Determining Liability for Electrocution Accidents

Liability is always a key factor in personal injury cases. Just because an injury occurs doesn’t mean a particular company or person is liable. It comes down to specific facts.

For instance, if electrical work was completed at a building shortly before your accident, an investigation may be needed to link the two incidents. If workmanship wasn’t the issue, could the products and materials play a role? In that case, you might have a case against the manufacturers of those items. Was anyone aware of hazards but failed to take necessary precautions? In a home, for example, did a homeowner know their wires were frayed but continue to use an appliance? Was work performed by an individual who was not licensed? There are many potential contributing factors that may leave one or more persons or entities liable.

Assistance from MA Personal Injury Attorneys

Given the complexity of electrocution accidents and the work needed to gather evidence and prove a case, it’s extremely important that you enlist the help of MA personal injury attorneys. Hire an attorney as early as possible to preserve evidence and protect your rights. Additionally, be sure to seek medical care and comply with the doctor’s orders. All of this will help your personal injury case and improve your chances of both recovery and compensation. If you do not already have an attorney, contact us to schedule a consultation.