A possible divorce is naturally a stressful event in your life. You may be trying to figure out what you should do and where you should begin. Here are divorce tips and how to prepare for divorce in MA.

1. Interview Attorneys

It is important to receive advice from an attorney. Select one with experience with family law and divorce. Consider using a local MA attorney who you can speak with in-person and who understands the applicable laws. Lastly, you should select an attorney who utilizes an approach that you are comfortable with and who understands your requirements.

2. Document Assets

Make a list of all possible assets and locate all documentation that you have on each. For anything that you may have brought into the marriage, find evidence dated as such. For other assets, look for information showing when it was obtained and where the funds came from. Appraisals may be important for large ticket items.

3. Document Debts

You might think that each spouse will be responsible for debts that he or she had before the marriage. For an amicable divorce, you and your spouse may agree to such an arrangement. However, debts can be assigned based on the ability of each person to pay. Thus, it takes into account income and assets. Keep up-to-date statements on every debt with figures on the remaining balance and payment terms.

4. Protecting Financial Assets During Divorce

In less than amicable divorces, there might be some risks such as a spouse liquidating funds from joint bank accounts or not paying debts on time. Do not raid your joint accounts or spend excessively. To protect yourself, you may opt to remove half the money from joint accounts and place it into an account under just your name. Note that this does not guarantee that you are awarded that portion of the assets. It merely prevents the other person from spending that money until a decision is issued by the courts. Credit cards are equally important. Not paying debts during or after divorce will increase expenses, bring down your credit score, and likely minimize future options. Ensure that debts continue to be paid on schedule. Be sure to document all transactions.

5. Living Arrangements and Other Actions

You may want to change your living arrangement, vent your grievances to friends and acquaintances, and start to live your new life. This can do more damage than good. First, if you have any interest in remaining in the property that you own with your spouse, you should continue residing there instead of relinquishing physical possession. Secondly, your behavior will be carefully watched by your soon to be ex-spouse. Try not to send negative information about your spouse on social media sites or in emails. It is also best not to begin dating. Overall, do not participate in any activity that may bring your character into question or work against you in the divorce proceedings.

Divorce Tips And How To Prepare For Divorce In Massachusetts

It may be helpful to be conscious of these divorce tips and how to prepare for divorce in Melrose, MA, before you even file for divorce. These are strictly preliminary suggestions. An experienced attorney will advise you on what steps to take to best prepare and preserve your rights based on your unique scenario. Contact Martino Law Group for information on divorces in Melrose, MA.