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Traffic violations in Massachusetts range from minor infractions to serious incidents. Whether you received a speeding ticket or made an error that cause an accident with severe injuries to others, all traffic violations are considered criminal offenses since they affect public safety. Your defense against any charges is therefore important.

Potential Consequences of Traffic Violations

At a minimum, traffic violations will have financial consequences. In addition to any ticket that you may have been received, you will also see an increase in auto insurance premiums at your next renewal. Depending on the severity of a violation, community service, jail time, or license suspension may also result.

Is Attorney Representation Necessary?

People often do not see a need for legal representation when it comes to traffic violations. However, when you commit a traffic violation, you are accused of breaking the law and that can impact you more than you realize. Anytime you must enter a court room, it is important to have an attorney looking out for your best interests and helping you make smart legal decisions. Your attorney will help you understand the full depth of the charges and the realistic outcomes. He/she will help minimize the legal penalties and protect your best interests.

Attorneys for Traffic Violations

At Martino Law Group, our team will take the time to understand your case and give you helpful advice. We will work to have your charges dropped or dismissed, if possible. If not possible, we will then take steps to minimize the penalties involved. Our aggressive representation will give you the best chances of fighting MA traffic violations. Get a better understanding of your options by calling us today.