In the state of Massachusetts, the courts generally believe that both parents should remain in children’s lives. Therefore, custody is often shared between both parents unless there are extenuating circumstances where safety is a concern. It is important to approach your negotiations with this in mind. Here are a few tips that might help with your case involving child custody and visitation in Massachusetts.

Equal Shared Custody May Not Be Best For Your Children

Although both parents may want and deserve equal time, a 50/50 shared custody agreement is not always best for the children. It often means that children are constantly moving from house to house. Children need a consistent primary home that offers stability and predictability. Constant movement can create a stressful living situation for them. Divorce is difficult enough for them to understand and process. Providing some normalcy will help them better cope.

Child Support Payments

Child support is often affected by custody agreements. In a 50/50 custody arrangement, child support payments may not necessarily be enough to provide primary care for the children. This is especially true in previously single-income households. Therefore, custody agreements should also be considered from a child support perspective.

Assistance with Child Custody and Visitation Cases in MA

At Martino Law Group, we are experienced with child custody and visitation cases in MA. We understand the complexities of divorce and custody disputes. Whether you are going through an amicable divorce or a heavily disputed one, we can help you evaluate your options and work to resolve the case in best interests of you and your children. Contact us for a free consultation.