It is possible to request a change of child custody in Melrose MA. Both parents can be in agreement to the change or one parent may request it against the wishes of the other parent. The following is some additional information that may be helpful.

Both Parents Agree to the Requested Change

If both parents are in agreement to the change, several forms must be filled out and submitted to the courts. These include a joint petition, agreement, and proposed judgment. Additional forms may also be required, depending on the situation. Refer to the checklist on the website for details. A filing fee is also required.

One Parent Petitions for a Custody Change

If only one parent is requesting a change of child custody in Massachusetts, it is considered a contested change. A complaint form must be submitted. The plaintiff (person making the request) must prove that there is a change in circumstances to warrant a change in custody.

Court Process for Change of Child Custody in Melrose MA

Forms must be filed with the courts. Both parties will be notified. If there is any missing information or if the judge has any questions about the case, both parties will be notified within 21 days about a hearing date. Both parties must appear in court at that time. If there are no questions or issues, then a hearing may not be required. Both parties would simply be notified of the decision within 30 days.

Attorney Representation for a Change in Child Custody

As with any legal matter, you have the option to obtain legal representation. Your attorney may assist with filing the appropriate paperwork and with presenting your request in a favorable manner. Should a hearing be required, your attorney may also accompany you in court. If you have any questions about your change of child custody in Melrose MA, please contact Martino Law Group for a free consultation.