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Why Do it Yourself “DIY” Wills are a bad idea

The health concerns and extra time at home during the pandemic has caused many Massachusetts residents to realize the importance of creating or updating their estate plan.  If you are one of these people and have not created or updated your Estate Plan, you may be tempted to try and

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do Without an Attorney

Hiring an attorney is the best way to protect your legal rights and interests. Laws are complex and unless you’re an attorney yourself, you probably don’t know what you should or should not do. It’s equally important to hire an attorney at the right time. Don’t make the mistake of

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Pedestrian Safety Tips For Winter

Winter is quickly approaching and with that comes some challenging streets and sidewalks for pedestrians in Massachusetts. The likelihood of getting into an accident while walking is higher during the winter. To reduce your chances of being hit by a car while walking, we’ve prepared some pedestrian safety tips for

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4 Key Components to Estate Plans in Massachusetts

Estate planning is one of the most important things you can do for the future of your family. It not only provides for your own peace of mind, but it also helps your heirs understand your wishes. Although every estate plan is unique, there are key elements that should be

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