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Refinancing a First and Second Mortgage – What You Should Know

With interest rates so low, many homeowners are choosing to refinance. The option is pretty straight forward when you have just one mortgage, but what happens when you’re interested in refinancing a first and second mortgage? The answer is, it depends. Timing of the Second Mortgage Sometimes you can refinance

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Its’ a Great Time to Refinance Your Mortgage – Here’s Why

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Fed has reduced rates to record lows. This reduction trickles through to many types of loans including consumer loans, credit cards, and mortgage interest rates. Have you checked your interest rates lately? It could be a great time to refinance your mortgage. Here’s

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Mortgage Comparison Tips for Massachusetts Home Buyers

Mortgage shopping can be a confusing process. With so many different factors to consider, how can you make sense of it all and select the best option available? Here are a few mortgage comparison tips to help you make smart mortgage and home buying decisions. 1 – Look Beyond Interest

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Home Issues That Won’t Pass FHA Guidelines

When applying for an FHA loan, there are certain safety standards the Federal Housing Administration requires the home to pass. If a home does not meet the basic minimum requirements, the FHA loan will not be approved. If you are in the market to sell or are considering buying a

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