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Category: Landlord Tips

Common Chapter 93A Lawsuits Against Landlords

Chapter 93A is a consumer protection law against unfair or deceptive practices. It allows consumers to bring civil lawsuits against businesses (a category which includes landlords) for damages that may include actual losses, compensatory damages and legal expenses.  Furthermore, courts may award triple the damages. Thus, it is important for

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4 Tips for New Landlords in Massachusetts

Being a landlord can be a financially rewarding experience. As with any investment activity, it does come with risks. Thus, you should take steps to protect your rights and avoid common mistakes. Here are 4 important tips for new landlords in Massachusetts when it comes to leases and tenants. 1

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Factors Considered for Rent Escrows in Massachusetts

Landlord and tenant disputes in Massachusetts can result in a court battle spanning many months. Tenants often don’t pay rent to the landlord during this time, pending the results of the court case. Landlords are often concerned that it will be difficult to obtain any rents due as one large

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Massachusetts Legislative Bills Relating to Rent Escrows

Rent escrow laws are extremely important for landlords to understand. Massachusetts laws are very specific about the handling of escrowed funds and the penalties for failing to do so. Some of these laws may be changing based on bills currently up for review during the 2019-2020 legislative session. Here’s a

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