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Buying and Selling Homes Amid Coronavirus

These days, it seems many activities have halted to a stand still. Although most of the country’s population is sheltering in place, there’s still a need for essential activities. Among them are buying and selling a home. Fortunately, real estate is classified as an essential business and is allowed to

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Real Estate Closings in MA Amid Coronavirus

Real estate has been classified as an essential business in Massachusetts, so closings are continuing to take place,… with some necessary precautions. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, you can still do so! Here is how our team is handling real estate closings in MA amid

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Tips on Simultaneous Closings When Selling and Buying a Home

It’s very common in this market to simultaneously sell one home and buy another. The key to successfully pulling this off is preparation and coordination. Here are some helpful tips on simultaneous closings when selling and buying a home. 1 – Coordinate with Movers The home you are selling will

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Pros and Cons of Escalation Clauses for MA Home Purchases

The real estate market in Massachusetts is extremely competitive. As buyers look for ways to make their offer stand out from others, the use of escalation clauses is becoming more prevalent. Below, we take a look at escalation clauses for MA home purchases and the pros and cons from both

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