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Real Estate Closings with COVID Restrictions

COVID cases are spiking across Massachusetts, which understandably makes everyone a bit nervous about doing things like attending real estate closings. We understand these concerns and have taken steps to reduce risks while still providing the same level and quality of service to our clients. Here’s how we’re managing real

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Massachusetts Home Evictions Post Moratorium

The Massachusetts moratorium on evictions has ended. How does the CDC moratorium come into play and what does this all mean for landlords and tenants? Here’s what you should know about Massachusetts home evictions post moratorium. The CDC Eviction Moratorium The CDC moratorium on evictions prohibits landlords from evicting tenants

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Preparing a Home for a Refinance Appraisal

With interest rates at record lows, many Massachusetts homeowners have been refinancing their mortgages to lower rates. One critical step in any mortgage process is the appraisal. Many overlook the need for preparing a home for a refinance appraisal. Here’s why it’s important and tasks you may include. What Is

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Refinancing a First and Second Mortgage – What You Should Know

With interest rates so low, many homeowners are choosing to refinance. The option is pretty straight forward when you have just one mortgage, but what happens when you’re interested in refinancing a first and second mortgage? The answer is, it depends. Timing of the Second Mortgage Sometimes you can refinance

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Common Chapter 93A Lawsuits Against Landlords

Chapter 93A is a consumer protection law against unfair or deceptive practices. It allows consumers to bring civil lawsuits against businesses (a category which includes landlords) for damages that may include actual losses, compensatory damages and legal expenses.  Furthermore, courts may award triple the damages. Thus, it is important for

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