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Category: Work Related Injury

Potential Damages for Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries can leave a lasting impact on the lives of everyone involved. Major accidents often involve lawsuits, for which damages may be awarded to injured parties. Below, we take a look at some of the potential damages for work-related injuries. Physical Injuries When we think of damages, the first

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MA Construction Site Accidents

MA Construction Site Accidents are more common then you imagine.  Construction sites are filled with dangerous equipment, moving parts and foreseeable dangers. Massachusetts General Contractors must follow basic job safety rules.  When general contractors do not follow commonsense safety rules the public at large is at risk for injury. MA

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What To Do After A Work Related Injury

If you find yourself injured on the job and aren’t sure if you should report the incident, you might want to refer to these guidelines on what to do after a work related injury – especially if you want to protect your legal rights. Keep in mind that most employers

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Filing Worker’s Compensation Claims in MA

If you have a work-related injury while employed in Massachusetts, you may need to file a claim under worker’s compensation insurance. The following information provides some guidance on filing worker’s compensation claims in MA. Identifying the Insurance Company Employers in Massachusetts are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, although there are

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Work Related Injuries in MA | Melrose MA Personal Injury Attorneys

There are many different types of work related injuries that may be covered under Worker’s Compensation insurance. The key is to prove that your injury is indeed work-related. Although every case is unique, here are a few things to consider when it comes to work related injuries in Massachusetts. Incident Locations

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