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Personal Injury Cases Involving Children

According to the CDC Childhood Injury Report, over 9 million children are injured each year. Personal injury cases involving children are often the most difficult and emotionally taxing. As parents seek damages for unintentional injuries to their children, what factors come into play? Below are some considerations for child injury

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Burn Injury Cases – Massachusetts Personal Injury Law Firm

Burn injuries can range in severity and treatment. In some cases, they can require multiple surgeries and extensive care. The physical and psychological impact of such injuries can be long-lasting and expensive. Below, we provide some helpful information on how burns are classified in both degree and severity in burn injury

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Tips for Victims of Natural Gas Explosions in MA

Natural gas explosions can cause catastrophic damage to homes and extensive personal injuries to victims. If you are one of the many victims of natural gas explosions in MA, it may be difficult to determine what to do next. We hope that the information below will help you during this

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MA Construction Site Accidents

MA Construction Site Accidents are more common then you imagine.  Construction sites are filled with dangerous equipment, moving parts and foreseeable dangers. Massachusetts General Contractors must follow basic job safety rules.  When general contractors do not follow commonsense safety rules the public at large is at risk for injury. MA

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