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Category: Auto Accidents

Why Liability for Auto Accidents Isn’t Always Clear

Rarely are auto accident cases as clear cut as we might think or hope. Liability determines who is responsible for damages. So, a lot of time and energy can be spent on this one question in any auto accident case. Here are a few reasons why liability for auto accidents

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Snow Plow Accidents, Fault, and Legal Assistance

We’ve had our first real snow storm of the year and have already seen tragedies in the form of snow plow accidents. Snow plows were involved with both motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts over this past weekend. As we continue through the winter and experience more inclement weather,

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Personal Injury Cases Involving Distracted Driving

Massachusetts law prohibits texting while driving. Additionally, a hands-free law was recently passed as well to stop drivers for holding their phones even when just making calls. Combined, these laws make it clear that drivers should avoid distractions while driving as these contribute to a large portion of auto accidents

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Gathering Evidence for Traffic Accidents

Driver accounts from traffic accidents can often conflict with one another. Naturally, each party wants to avoid blame or they simply see the accident from the own perspective. Gathering evidence for traffic accidents from outside sources can help determine who is at fault. There are several different sources for such

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Motorcycle Accident Cases in Massachusetts | Liability and Fault

Motorcycle accident cases in Massachusetts are among the most complex. Although they have similarities to other road accidents, the extent of injuries is often more severe when a motorcycle is involved. Additionally, the interactions between motorcycles and cars on the road can be different from that of two cars, creating

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