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Massachusetts Divorce Waiting Period

A judgement of divorce is rendered when a divorce is settled. However, divorces are not completed at this stage. There is a mandatory 90-day MA divorce waiting period. This is referred to as the Nisi period. Here are some important facts on the Nisi period. Purpose Of The Massachusetts Divorce

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Divorce Tips And How To Prepare For Divorce In MA

A possible divorce is naturally a stressful event in your life. You may be trying to figure out what you should do and where you should begin. Here are divorce tips and how to prepare for divorce in MA. 1. Interview Attorneys It is important to receive advice from an

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MA Divorce versus Annulment

In the state of Massachusetts, there are two ways to legally end a marriage – divorce and annulment.  There are different requirements and end results for each. This blog discusses the differences between Massachusetts divorce versus annulment. Divorce A divorce is a court procedure which results in the termination of a

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Divorce Financial Statement Tips

One of the documents required when filing for divorce is a financial statement. This form discloses your financial situation to the court and to the other party. It can play an important role in proceedings. Below are some divorce financial statement tips that may help. Documents to Gather You will

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Tax Consequences Of Divorce

Melrose, Massachusetts, Divorce Property Settlement Lawyers Serving Middlesex County And Essex County And Southern New Hampshire It is common for emotions and frustrations to play a big part of any divorce. When a married couple considers ending their relationship, fear of the future is one of the first concerns that

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