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Post Divorce Tasks | Melrose MA Divorce Tips

If you are going through a divorce, you may have been focused on tasks related to completing the actual divorce. It is important not to forget a few key post divorce tasks. Here are a few tips from our Melrose MA divorce attorneys. Change Designated Beneficiaries It is likely that your

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The Impact of Divorce on Credit Scores

Divorce typically has a large financial impact on  your life. Going from a double to a single household income can be difficult. There is also the cost of the divorce itself that can create a hardship. What some do not realize is the impact of divorce on credit ratings. Here

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Division of Assets With Divorce

Melrose MA Divorce Attorneys As MA divorce attorneys, the Martino Law Group is experienced with handling complicated divorces in Massachusetts. Divorces can be complex, especially when it comes to division of assets and wealth. If your divorce involves real estate properties, investments, and/or high net worth assets, it is important to

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