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Divorce Financial Statement Tips

One of the documents required when filing for divorce is a financial statement. This form discloses your financial situation to the court and to the other party. It can play an important role in proceedings. Below are some divorce financial statement tips that may help. Documents to Gather You will

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How Divorce Affects Your Credit

Divorce leads to many changes in life. As you attempt to move on with your life after divorce, it may be important to understand how divorce affects your credit. Below are a few common credit issues that may occur. Closed Accounts and Changes in Ratios In many cases, credit cards

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Protecting Your Inheritance in Divorce

Information on Protecting You Inheritance In A Divorce?  Assets at risk of division in Massachusetts Inheritances received prior to marriage are subject to asset division in Massachusetts divorces even though they are “non-marital” property that does not arise during the marriage partnership. Massachusetts law even permits courts to assign one

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High Asset Divorce Attorneys, Melrose MA

Melrose, Massachusetts, High-Asset Divorce Lawyer Do you Have Questions For A High Asset Divorce Attorney? Under Massachusetts law, all assets and debt classified as marital property are subject to equitable distribution between the divorcing parties. Even when both parties agree that dividing their wealth evenly is the right thing to

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The Impact of Divorce on Credit Scores

Divorce typically has a large financial impact on  your life. Going from a double to a single household income can be difficult. There is also the cost of the divorce itself that can create a hardship. What some do not realize is the impact of divorce on credit ratings. Here

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