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5 Things that Can Change Alimony Payments in Massachusetts

It’s finally over. The divorce settlement has been approved and the case is closed. You may think everything is now predictable for the future, but that’s not necessarily the case. Alimony is not set in stone. Anything from remarriage to health insurance coverage can affect alimony status and payment requirements.

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Overview of Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act

The Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act impacts all divorces in the state. Although it’s not a brand new act (was enacted back in 2011), it includes some key provisions regarding term limits, child support, and remarriage. If you are going through a divorce or are facing the prospect of one, you

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Women Paying Alimony in MA Divorces

Alimony traditionally involves a man paying his ex-wife. However, times have changed. With so many women in the workforce and making more money than their husbands, there is an increasing trend of women paying alimony in MA divorces. Although not a legal term, this is commonly referred to as “manimony”.

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Factors That Determine Alimony Payments in MA

In the state of Massachusetts, alimony (also known as spousal support) is determined based on a few different factors. A judge evaluates these factors and makes a determination on the appropriate amount of alimony to be paid. Here are some of the factors that determine alimony payments in MA. Length

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Melrose MA Alimony Payments After Remarriage or Cohabitation

Alimony is often a topic of dispute during divorce. In Massachusetts, a law introduced in 2012 set some limits on alimony payments depending on a variety of factors, with length of marriage being one of them. Even after alimony is determined, it may still be subject to change. Remarriage or

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