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Massachusetts Child Custody And Visitation

Melrose, Massachusetts, Child Custody And Visitation Rights Lawyers For Middlesex County And Essex County And Southern New Hampshire No matter how frustrated you may be with your spouse; no matter how terrible you may think your husband or wife is; no matter how much your children may not want much

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Child Support Payments in Massachsuetts

Child support is a way for both parents to provide financial support for children when both parents do not live in the same household. It can be ordered even in cases of joint custody. The parent who earns a higher wage is often responsible for paying child support. However, there

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Massachusetts Child Custody Arrangements

There are different types of Massachusetts child custody arrangements. There is legal versus physical custody and temporary versus permanent custody. The arrangement ordered by a court largely depends on the situation and what it deems to be in a child’s best interests. Legal Custody Legal custody involves the right to

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Change of Child Custody in Melrose MA

It is possible to request a change of child custody in Melrose MA. Both parents can be in agreement to the change or one parent may request it against the wishes of the other parent. The following is some additional information that may be helpful. Both Parents Agree to the

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Child Custody and Visitation in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, the courts generally believe that both parents should remain in children’s lives. Therefore, custody is often shared between both parents unless there are extenuating circumstances where safety is a concern. It is important to approach your negotiations with this in mind. Here are a few tips that might

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