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Category: Family Law

Refinancing and Buying Out a Spouse for Divorce

One of the more challenging assets to separate during a divorce is a primary home. Your spouse will undoubtedly want his/her equity share in the home, but pulling out that equity and divesting his/her interest can be difficult. You can’t simply call the mortgage company and have a name removed.

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Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

There are many decisions that you must make when pursuing a divorce. During difficult times, it can be easy to make mistakes without knowing how damaging (and costly) they can be. What you do now and throughout your divorce can directly impact the outcome. Here are 5 common divorce mistakes

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Increase in Divorces Due to Coronavirus

Could Coronavirus lead to more divorces? Many marriage and legal experts seem to think so due to the trends observed in other countries like China, which were the first to deal with the virus and quarantining. If you look closely at what’s going on across the country, there are a

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Key Types of Assets in a Massachusetts Divorce

There are many types of assets in a Massachusetts divorce. These include separate and marital assets. As part of divorce proceedings, you will be required to list all of your assets. Understanding what each is and what may fall into these two categories can help you better understand how your

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Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

You often hear about big messy divorces. We sometimes forget that divorces don’t have to be that way. In fact, they can be quite easy if the parties involved so choose. Sometimes in our effort to make life miserable for the other party, we lose sight of how difficult we

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