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Why Do it Yourself “DIY” Wills are a bad idea

The health concerns and extra time at home during the pandemic has caused many Massachusetts residents to realize the importance of creating or updating their estate plan.  If you are one of these people and have not created or updated your Estate Plan, you may be tempted to try and

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Importance of Pour-Over Wills in Trust-Based Estate Plans

Trusts are a common estate planning tool to avoid a lengthy probate process. Assets must be specifically placed into a trust. What happens when there are remaining assets not included in a trust when someone passes away? Here’s why you should include pour-over wills in trust-based estate plans. What Is

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What is a Basic Melrose MA Estate Plan?

A Melrose Massachusetts Estate plan is: The purpose of this Blog is to explain What is a basic Melrose MA Estate Plan.  While Estate Plan is different, together we can design one that suits your needs.  At a minimum, the three of the most important Estate Planning documents that everyone in

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Why You Should Prepare A Will | MA Estate Planning Tips

A will is an important legal document in Massachusetts. It allows you to designate beneficiaries for your estate and outline your other wishes. It can also minimize disputes among your potential heirs. A large percentage of people actually die without a will. Understanding how that situation is handled in Massachusetts

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