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Category: Trusts

Benefits of Trusts for Estate Planning

Trusts are a popular estate planning instrument and for good reason. Estate planning is about more than designating heirs. It’s about controlling the many things that can happen after your death. Trusts help you avoid probate, retain privacy, and provide detailed instructions for distribution of assets. These are just a

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Using Nominee Trusts to Buy Real Estate in MA

An important estate planning tool for property owners is a nominee trust. Unlike other trusts, this one specifically applies to real estate assets. It is a cost effective solution with many benefits. Here’s a closer look at using nominee trusts to buy real estate in MA and some of its

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Variations And Purposes Of Irrevocable Trusts

Irrevocable trusts may not be revised after the trust agreement has been completed. Revocable trusts essentially become irrevocable after the trust-maker passes away. Irrevocable trusts may be comprised of multiple documents each with a specific purpose. The following is information on the variations and purposes of irrevocable trusts such as

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Overview of Massachusetts Marital Trusts

Trusts are an important aspect of estate planning. Married couples, with or without children, may want to consider a marital trust. This quick overview will help you better understand Massachusetts marital trusts. What is a Marital Trust A marital trust goes into effect when one spouse dies. All marital assets

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What is a Basic Melrose MA Estate Plan?

A Melrose Massachusetts Estate plan is: The purpose of this Blog is to explain What is a basic Melrose MA Estate Plan.  While Estate Plan is different, together we can design one that suits your needs.  At a minimum, the three of the most important Estate Planning documents that everyone in

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