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Category: Estate Planning

Why Do it Yourself “DIY” Wills are a bad idea

The health concerns and extra time at home during the pandemic has caused many Massachusetts residents to realize the importance of creating or updating their estate plan.  If you are one of these people and have not created or updated your Estate Plan, you may be tempted to try and

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4 Things Your Estate Plan May Be Missing

Estate plans are very specific and personal. As your life changes, so must your estate plan. Many people make the mistake of creating a plan once and forgetting about it. As a result, your plan may fail to sufficiently protect you and your heirs. Here are 4 things your estate

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2021 Estate Planning Based on Changes to Tax Law

With a new administration comes many potential changes that can affect your personal finances and estate planning. This year, high income earners should pay particularly close attention to changes to tax law. The Biden tax plan includes several provisions for households earning more than $400,000 per year. Here are a

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Qualities of a Good Estate Executor

Estate executors (known as a personal representatives, in Massachusetts) hold very important responsibilities. They must carry out a wide range of tasks and ensure that assets are distributed properly to heirs per the terms of your will. As you consider candidates, keep in mind these qualities of a good estate

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Business Succession Planning Tips

Do you own a small or family owned business? And if so, do you have a succession plan? One of the most commonly overlooked estate planning tasks is succession planning. You’ve worked hard to establish your business. It’s important to protect and preserve it for the benefit of your heirs.

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