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Category: Criminal Law

Documenting Claims of Domestic Abuse in Massachusetts

The recent senate hearings have highlighted the difficult nature of previously unreported claims of abuse. This is something that comes up quite often in divorce and domestic abuse cases. Many women fail to report abuse when it happens, although they later may need to substantiate those claims for one reason

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MA Criminal Court Process After Arrest

Being arrested for a crime (or having a family member who has been arrested) can be extremely scary and stressful. Many of your questions may relate to what happens next. Knowing the MA criminal court process can be helpful. The following is a general overview of what happens and in

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Domestic Violence Laws in Massachusetts

Domestic violence is defined as abuse committed by one family member against another. It includes physical harm, threat/fear of physical harm, or involuntary sexual acts. Abuse can be physical or emotional in nature, or involve control of money/finances. If you are involved in any type of domestic abuse, the following

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Massachusetts Laws Against Hate Crimes

Hate speech and hate crimes seem to be on the rise. Some believe it’s due to politics while others believe that social climates have been changing continually, leading way to more expressive forms of hatred. Regardless of why it’s been brought to the forefront, it’s important to know that hate

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Domestic Violence Cases in Massachusetts

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the country have experienced some sort of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a criminal act, and as such, has legal consequences. If you were a victim of domestic violence or have

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