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Category: Business Law

4 Reasons to Incorporate a Small Business

Many small business owners start off as sole proprietorships because it’s the most straight-forward and least expensive way to start. As the business grows, many then consider incorporating into either an LLC, S-corp or full corporation. The deciding factor is often among these 4 reasons to incorporate a small business.

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Steps to Starting a Small Business in Massachusetts

If you’re thinking about starting your own business,… congrats! There are several steps to get you started on this new journey. Below are some critical steps to starting a small business in Massachusetts. 1 – Decide on Business Structure Before you can start a business, you must decide what type

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Selling a Small Business in Massachusetts

If you own a small business in Massachusetts and are looking to sell it, it’s important to be thorough in the legal transfer of that business. Business transfers can actually be quite complex, even for a small business. Unless you are familiar with the many intricacies, you are likely to

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Federal vs. MA Laws on Marijuana and Landlord Risks

As you may already know, Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational marijuana usage. We provided some helpful information on what residential landlords should know about legalized marijuana in a recent blog post. From a commercial landlord’s perspective, the situation is a bit more complicated. Why? Although some states have legalized marijuana,

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