ABCC stands for the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. This commission is responsible for enforcing Massachusetts laws on the sale of  alcohol by licensed businesses. A business may find itself needing to appear in front of the commission or in the court of law and may want attorney representation for ABCC cases in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Alcohol Regulations

There are several different laws in Massachusetts that are enforced by the ABCC. These regulations specify how entities with alcohol licenses must conduct business. Businesses include those who sell alcohol as a retail business (such as liquor stores) as well as those that serve alcohol (such as bars and restaurants). Businesses must comply with many different rules related to the shipping of alcohol, how alcohol is packaged, and how it is served. Certain practices are specifically prohibited as well.

Reasons for ABCC Cases

Violating ABCC rules may result in either an administrative action or criminal charge. Administrative actions can include suspension or revocation of an alcohol license or changes to the terms of the license. Criminal charges may include fines or even a prison sentence. It is therefore important for businesses to take ABCC cases and hearings seriously.

Attorney Representation for ABCC Cases in Massachusetts

Attorney representation for ABCC cases in Massachusetts will give you the best chance for successfully promoting your case or disputing a charge. Local attorneys who handle these cases understand the applicable laws and how to best mount your defense.  Contact us for a free consultation on your ABCC case.